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The voices of the fight against the 3 pandemics

In autumn 2022, the United States will host the 7th replenishment of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. 

Despite significant progress made against AIDS, TB and malaria in the 20 years of existence of the Global fund, the world is off-track to reach the Sustainable Development Goal 3 ‘Good Health and Well-being’ regarding the 3 diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on already overstretched health systems, reversed hard-won gains in the fight against the three diseases, and exacerbated existing inequalities.

2022 is a tipping moment. Support is needed across the globe to ensure that the Global Fund raises at least US$ 18 billion to fight HIV, TB, and malaria and build stronger systems for health. Why is the fight against these diseases still relevant today? How can equal access to health care be ensured? What has been the role of the Global Fund? And what more can be done to end AIDS, TB, and malaria as global health threats by 2030?

To answer these questions, Global Health Advocates interviewed three activists:

  • Rhéa Lobo, alternate Board member, Stop TB partnership
  • Naomi Wanjiru, nurse working on HIV and TB, member of GFAN
  • Shreehari Acharya, Project Manager at ALIGHT Malaria Free Mekong
Global Fund Health equity Health system strengthening Replenishment SDG 3
Blog series

It is our responsibility now to ask the leaders to continue investing to address health inequalities and human rights violations and anything that will affect our health.

By Naomi Wanjiru, member of the Global Fund Advocates Network, and nurse practitioner working in a TB and HIV clinic in Kenya.
Civil Society Communities Global Fund Malaria Replenishment
Blog series

Funding communities and supporting them is crucial because they are the ones dealing with malaria on a day-to-day basis.

By Shreehari Acharya, Project Manager at ALIGHT Malaria Free Mekong project, a platform of communities and civil society organization based in Bangkok, Thailand.
Global Fund Health system strengthening Replenishment Tuberculosis
Blog series

It is time we give people with TB the respect they deserve and the right to life and health. And it starts with investments

By Rhéa Lobo, alternate member of the Board of Stop TB Partnership, as well as an international award-winning filmmaker with a background in health journalism and an extra-pulmonary TB survivor.