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🗣️The current system gives all the power in the hands of companies. This means private interests are prevailing over #health. Health is considered as a commodity and not a right. The pandemic allowed to see the limits of this system. @rodriguezelise1 @GHAFrance

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Les ONG 🇫🇷 exhortent @EmmanuelMacron et le @gouvernementFR à prendre des engagements forts en matière de santé, droits des femmes et climat lors de #GlobalCitizenLive demain. ⭕️

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The EU Council adopted its conclusions on the global approach to R&I. According to the document the EU is to maintain multilateral cooperation in addressing #health challenges


A fascinating week of briefing chats ahead of our @GasteinForum panel next week on EU preparedness. Has the EU been a good partner to LMICs during Covid and how can it do better? Is HERA the game changer Europe needs? Can the EU pursue strategic autonomy and help those in LMICs?