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Women and
children's health

Donors, governments and civil society have joined efforts to end avoidable child’s and women’s death for decades. In twenty years, the percentage of under-5 mortality decreased by more than 40%, from 12 to 6,9 millions deaths in 2011. Between 1990 and 2013, maternal mortality decreased by 45%, from 523,000 to 289,000 deaths.

However, those figures remain unacceptably high. In a world where resources and required technologies are available to save millions of lives, we can’t accept that 19,000 children and 1500 women still die every day from birth-related complications. SDG 3, which gives all individuals a chance to live a healthy life and promotes well-being at all ages, is today out of reach.

« If we wish to realise the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, improving child and women’s health is a must. We defend the fundamental right to a better health, without discrimination of age or gender, even in the most difficult circumstances.»

Patrick BertrandExecutive Director of Global Health Advocates

By providing quality, available, accessible and acceptable services, people-centered and equitable primary healthcare is tailored to the health needs of people throughout their life cycles. Universal Health Coverage is a crucial concept to reinforce health systems and facilitate people’s access to quality healthcare without being pushed into poverty.

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