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Fight against pandemics

Fighting pandemics is at the heart of our mission to reduce health inequalities. Pandemics are unpredictable and represent a considerable health threat for developing countries with weak health systems and inadequate financial and human resources. Infectious diseases such as: respiratory infections, HIV/aids, diarrhea, malaria and tuberculosis (TB) are responsible for almost a third of all deaths in Low Income Countries.

Be it HIV/Aids, TB or Ebola, the burden of diseases often reveal health inequalities in or between countries, hitting hardest poorest and most marginalised populations.

At the level of the French government and EU institutions, Global Health Advocates defends the need to invest in the fight against those diseases, which despite their mortality rates, do not benefit from adequate levels of financing. We also fight for solidarity and cooperation to prevail over national interests for diseases like Coronavirus which benefit from strong political and media attention, in order to guarantee that treatments and health technologies are accessible to all, no matter the country, income level, age or gender.

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