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Global Health at the core of the French Presidency of the European Union

The French Presidency of the European Union(EUFP)​​ will take place from January to June 2022. France has included Global Health on the agenda of the presidency and wants to further mobilize Team Europe to strengthen health systems in LMiC. In times of a pandemic, this is a great opportunity to transform the EU’s approach to global health through concrete proposals for international solidarity for health, better policy coherence, and new support for R&I that ensure equitable access to medical products and technologies.

How can these commitments be made concrete?

To answer this question, we interviewed three experts:

  • Ellen t’Hoen, Director of Medicines Law & Policy
  • Pauline Véron, Junior Policy Officer at the European External Affairs Program and Migration Program at the European Center for Development Policy Management
  • Tamsin Rose, Policy Fellow at the Africa Europe Foundation
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If the health situation continues to deteriorate over the coming months, the challenge for France will be to ensure that domestic EU action on health does not undermine international action and solidarity

By Pauline Véron Junior Policy Officer, European External Affairs Programme and Migration Programme at the European Centre for Development Policy Management