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Our 2024 best wishes for global health

By 1 January 2024January 16th, 2024No Comments

How can we collectively make progress in the fight against health inequalities this year?

Our proposed good resolutions:

Ensure the right to health everywhere
Ensure that France and the EU regard global health as a key political issue
Double the share of EU international solidarity investments devoted to health
Explicitly place public health above private interests
Commit to rebuilding an international system guaranteeing equitable access to health
Hold leaders accountable to a health-centered response to the climate crisis
Ensure the international community consider nutrition as a public health crisis and make ambitious commitments
Facilitate the adoption of a treaty on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response that enshrines equitable access to the tools needed to combat pandemics
Supervise the development of artificial intelligence to prevent risks in healthcare and protect fundamental rights
Create the conditions for a transparent drug market
Actively promote and defend sexual and reproductive health and rights