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Our key measures for trustworthy AI in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing fast. Taking the risks of AI into account is more than ever necessary to ensure that new technologies benefit everyone. That is why Global Health Advocates (GHA) published its report in French “Soignons nos algos”, coming with key measures for trustworthy AI in healthcare. The english executive summary of this report is now available!

This report is the result of research into the issues surrounding the supervision of AI used in healthcare in France. It presents the uses of AI in healthcare, as well as the risks that may arise. The report also highlights existing gaps in the supervision of AI systems used in healthcare in France. It reveals a lack of assessment for AI-enabled medical devices, and a lack of harmonized public oversight of these technologies.

While everyone agrees on the need to build trust in AI, public authorities have a decisive responsibility to promote risk awareness to better guard against it, and enable everyone to make the most of technological progress. GHA presents its key measures for creating the sustainable conditions for AI deployment that harms no one and benefits the greatest number.