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Global Health Advocates’ Statement on the Draft Report of the COVI Committee

On 28 February, the Rapporteur of the European Parliament’s COVI Committee, Dolors Montserrat, presented the Committee’s draft report on COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learned and recommendations for the future. The special Committee and its Members, tasked with scrutinising the European Union’s (EU) response to the COVID-19 pandemic, auditioned numerous relevant officials, academics, experts, civil society organisations, and industry representatives. Several questions have been raised regarding the EU’s response to the pandemic, particularly on the lack of transparency of vaccine contract negotiations, and on its global response.

Global Health Advocates (GHA) welcomes the work carried out by the special Committee, and the presentation of the draft report.

However, GHA is concerned that the draft report, as it currently stands, glosses over certain aspects of the pandemic, thus failing to properly achieve the special Committee’s purpose of identifying lessons to be learned and proposing tangible and sound measures for the future.

Download our full statement and recommendations