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Global Health Advocates joins the Digital Rights and Health Alliance, a new civil society alliance for the protection of patients & citizens’ rights in the digitalisation of healthcare

A new civil society-led alliance launched on June 19th is calling for the safeguarding of people and their fundamental rights in the use of new and algorithmic technologies in the health sector.

The Digital Rights and Health Alliance was formed to ensure policies governing the use of these technologies prioritise transparency, accountability, and fairness and the interests of patients are at the forefront of decision-making.

AI used for health-related purposes, such as diagnosis, treatment, disease monitoring, and the organisation of care, holds major risks for fundamental rights violations. Among these are issues of privacy, data protection and discrimination, with key populations at particular risk of inequities related to age, gender, disability, sexual orientation and race.

The Alliance is a platform for collaboration and exchange of ideas in a fast-moving environment, gathering members from non-profit organisations, academics and experts in the field of artificial intelligence and digitalisation in the health sector.

Global Health Advocates is delighted to join the Alliance, which will help to meet the challenges of AI in healthcare, by developing constructive approaches and concrete solutions to protect the rights of healthcare system users. We are committed to working for a trustworthy, reliable and efficient AI in healthcare that leaves no one behind.

Organisations and individuals who wish to join the Alliance can find more information on the webpage, including inclusion criteria and how to apply.

Read the Alliance Manifesto here.