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Civil society calls on national leaders to nominate right European commissioners

As EU heads of states and governments gathered in Sibiu, Romania on 9th of May to agree on Strategic Agenda for the next five years, 54 civil society organisations from across Europe published a statement urging national leaders to nominate European commissioners who will support and serve present and future generations, and prioritise environment, quality of life and decent work in a letter.

The Sibiu Summit is set to be the culmination of discussions around the Future of Europe and is presented as a reason to celebrate a more united, stronger and more democratic EU.  Among others, civil society calls to put public interest first, develop a needs-driven and responsible research and innovation policy, and ensure a high level of protection of human health and well-being in all EU policies.

The nomination of commissioners should officially take place after the EU elections in May.

The full civil society letter can be found here.

For more information, contact Marine Ejuryan, EU Advocacy Manager, at