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2024 European Elections: our Manifesto for a European Union truly committed to global health!

Three years ago, the world was confronted by one of the biggest health crises in recent decades due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the pressure on health systems appears to have decreased, it is crucial to keep in mind that new health threats can emerge and spread rapidly, as the WHO has warned.

The question is not if, but when the next pandemic will strike. In our increasingly connected world, a health crisis can never be local, and therefore poses a threat to the European Union and its partner countries. It is thus our collective responsibility to keep up the momentum to ensure preparedness for future pandemics, tackle inequalities in access to health services and products, and to ensure that global health remains at the heart of the political agenda.

In light of the upcoming European elections, Global Health Advocates releases a manifesto urging all candidates to advocate for a European Union truly committed to global health.