The EU should reverse the cuts it has made to the NDICI, and especially the thematics budget lines

The thematic pillar of the EU’s development instrument (NDICI) is divided into four sub-programmes, including Global Challenges, Civil Society Organisations and Human Rights and Democracy, which are all critical to global health. In the current context characterized by a global COVID-19 pandemic, the weakening of multilateralism, the decline of human rights and shrinking civic space, these sub-programmes require increased support.

We estimate that in order to sustain the EU’s commitment to end HIV, TB and malaria, at least €1.45 billion of the Global Challenges budget would need to be set aside for the Global Fund alone. While this level of funding for the Global Fund is absolutely necessary, Global Challenges also hosts funding for other important health initiatives, partnerships outside of the health sector and global and transregional actions.

Therefore, we are convinced that the level of funding of the thematic pillar agreed by the European Council – €5.665 billion, which is a reduction of €534 million to the EC’s proposal  – is largely insufficient.

Read our letter to the key MFF negotiators here