Ending the TB, HIV and Malaria Epidemics



Novembre 2016 – A l’occasion du Sommet de la Francophonie tenu à Madagascar les 26 et 27 novembre 2016, les ONG Action Santé Mondiale et RESULTATS Canada publient un document de position sur les enjeux de la tuberculose en francophonie.



 Fiches FM
Action Santé Mondiale a développé au sein du Collectif Santé Mondiale et en collaboration avec Solidarité Sida une série de notes sur le Fonds mondial, développant des arguments pour un maintien de la contribution à propos de sujets clé pour la France:
La visibilité de la contribution française
L’appui aux pays prioritaires
Le renforcement des systèmes de santé
La trésorerie du Fonds mondial




Couverture falling short

October 2014 – The problem of multi and extensively drug resistant tuberculosis persists through the entirety of the WHO European region but efforts to tackle it still fall short. Civil society can play a transformative role in TB care and should be recognised as significant players in the TB response in the region.





Couverture how the GF can make a difference



Global Fund replenishment: call on the EU institutions

2013 – Call on the EU institutions to support the Global Fund and scale up its contribution for 2014-2016.





Couverture bridging the gap

Bridging the Gap: How the European Union can address the funding crisis for TB and HIV programmes in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

October 2013 – This report analyses three cases studies to demonstrate the continued impact of TB and HIV in the European region and to show the effects of international donor aid diminishing in middle-income countries. These diseases urgently require sustained political and financial support from both domestic and international sources, including regional level aid from the European Union.




Couverture call to French gov GF



Global Fund replenishment: call to the French government

Juin 2013 – Call on the French government to scale up its contribution to the Global Fund for 2014-2016.




Couverture TB voices in the fight against european epidemic


Voices in the fight against the European Tuberculosis epidemic

March 2013 – The TB problem is often described in statistics. Within this narrative, the voices of those people whose lives are most affected by TB are lost. This report seeks to reenergise the fight against TB by telling the human side of the disease; giving a voice to the individuals and communities who have long been represented in numbers and figures.



Couverture TBEC MDRTB


Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB): A European cross-border health threat requiring a regional response

2013 – TB and MDR-TB epidemics know no administrative border, neither with the EU nor within its territory. The current situation could be made worse by the absence of international donor resources, the lack of domestic funding to fill this gap and more generally a lack of regional political leadership on the issue.