GHA Board of Directors

Global Health Advocates has a Board of Directors, which meets regularly throughout the year to provide guidance and leadership to the organisation. The Board currently has 8 voluntary members with a broad range of experience in organisational management, global health and advocacy. They are:


Simon Wright (President)

Based in London, Simon Wright is the Head of Child Survival for Save the Children and has worked in global health and development for nearly 20 years. He is a strong proponent of Universal Health Coverage.

London, UK


Arnauld Sakezyn (Treasurer)

For 15 years, Arnauld Sakezyn has managed several hotels and is therefore well trained in staff and finance management. He is also dedicated to associative life and has been sensitive to global health issues for more than 10 years. His Board position is the logical result of both these parts of his life. 

Paris, France


Agnès Riquelme (Secretary)

Agnès Riquelme has been a Communications & Marketing Services Expert for 12 years working for Invacare International, the global leading manufacturer and distributor of health care products for rehab and homecare markets. She has been involved in Global Health Advocates since its creation.

St Julien de Genevois, France


Louis Da Gama

Louis Da Gama is Director of the Princess of Africa Foundation and Humanitarian Adviser to UNICEF & Nelson Mandela's 46664 Campaign Goodwill Ambassador, musician and celebrity Yvonne Chaka Chaka. The Foundation's advocacy focus is on Malaria, AIDS, TB, Reproductive Maternal Child, Newborn Health and Nutrition with an emphasis on Women and Girls. 

Lisbon, Portugal



Clarisse Loe Loumou

Clarisse Loe Loumou is a Cameroonian Pediatrician in gastroenterology and nutrition with 18 years of experience in clinical pediatrics in Yaoundé. She is the former head and actual associate of the unit of pediatric nutrition. In the Mother and Child Center–CBF in Yaoundé, she also gives malnutrition classes for mothers of malnourished children. She used to lecture at the medical school of Yaoundé. In addition, she is an Alternate Board Member representing the civil society at GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance and a Board Member of the RITAG Regional Immunization Technical Advisory Group (WHO African Regional Office). 

Chaumont, France and Yaoundé, Cameroon